Transparent Retina Display, Virtual Keyboard are Expectations from iPhone 5 by a 17 Years Old [Video]

After the new Macbook announcements from Apple, iPhone 5 rumors and talks started flowing again on the web. People are waiting to see an upgrade to the most successful product till today from the company. After 5 years of the launch of Apple iPhone and almost 5 times hardware upgrades, the expectation is very high with the 5’th upgrade. People are expecting bigger display screen, more powerful...
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No Direct Partnership between Apple and Microsoft on Mapping Data for Maps

Apple Maps Data Sources
In WWDC 2012, Apple announced iOS 6 which will have default mapping application other than Google Maps. It will be Apple’s own Maps app. After the announcement, people started looking for the mapping data source that Apple is using for the Maps app. Some documents shown that Apple is using TomTom and various other partners to fetch the mapping data. You can take a look at the mapping data source...
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Pricing and availability of New Macbooks in India

Apple announced new Macbook Pro with retina display and Macbook Air with Ivy Bridge processor and better graphics performance. Apart from that, it also announced the new operating system for mobile devices i.e. iOS 6. The new Macbooks will come with Mountain Lion OS. According to the WWDC announcement, new Macbooks are available to purchase right after the keynote, but it may take 1 – 2 weeks...
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Apple raises the curtain from iOS 6, Amazing Features and a few Kicks

In their own conference i.e. WWDC 2012, Apple released the features of upcoming iOS 6. Apart from the current numbers like 650,000 number of apps in app store, 30 billion total downloads, 5 billion paid out to iOS developers etc. etc., Apple CEO talked about the next generation of iOS software. Before this official announcement, there were talks about the Apple’s own mapping system, Facebook Integration,...
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Buy iPhone 4S in India via Aircel and Airtel from Nov 25

India is not in the official list of countries where Apple will start shipping iPhone 4S by end of this year, but couple of mobile carriers have planned to sell the device from November 25. Aircel and Airtel has confirmed that they will start selling Apple iPhone 4S from end of this month and as per the Aircel website, they will start taking the preorder from November 18. That means, you can go ahead...
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iPhone 4S is a World Phone, What does it mean?

Apple proudly announced that the new iPhone 4S is a world phone. It simple means that iPhone 4S works everywhere. As it is capable of handling GSM and CDMA as well, a single phone can work on these two different networks. iPhone 4 is having two different variants for GSM and CDMA and that’s why that is not a world phone. But iPhone 4S is having capability to operate either on GSM and CDMA network....
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iPhone 4S is the most amazing iPhone ever–First Commercial

iPhone 4S is having 8 MP camera, dual core A5 processor, dual core graphics with 7 times better performance than iPhone 4. Siri Voice Assistant is also there in iPhone 4S which will help you anywhere and everywhere. To promote this power packed phone, Apple has released its first commercial with the details about the phone and app. In this commercial, they talked about the performance improvement...
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Apple announced Siri for iPhone 4S. How does it work in iPhone?

Today at Let’s talk iPhone event, Apple announced and demoed a new app named Siri on iPhone 4S, which can be called as Voice Intelligence Assistant. Yes, now iPhone users are having an assistant to talk as well. You send a command or ask question using your voice and Siri will perform that task for you. For example, you can say “Reply, I will catch you later”. Now Siri will type this text message...
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No iPhone 5 but Apple announced iPhone 4S with improved hardware

“Let’s talk iPhone” event has been finished and there is no iPhone 5 yet from Apple. But the company announced iPhone 4S which is an improved version of iPhone 4 with better CPU, better graphics and better camera and Siri. I would say, you can replace iPhone 5 from all the rumors on web by iPhone 4S apart from the screen size and availability in other countries. Here is what is inside the iPhone...
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Apple Not Streaming Oct 4 Event, Unofficial Links to Watch and Read Live

According to the latest report from 9to5mac, Apple is not going to live stream the “Let’s talk iPhone” event from Cupertino. Yes, it is a disappointing news for folks like us who are not there to attend the event but still there are links where you may get few clips or may be full event stream through mobile devices. So apart from the live blogging and live tweets from big publications, you...
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